Symantec AV Log forwarding to CCE

Problem Statement: Export Syslogs to the Seceon CCE(Collection & Control Engine)

Solution: In order to export syslog data from Symantec AV to a CCE server

  1. Log in to the Symantec UI.

  2. In the console, click Admin.

  3. Click Servers.

  4. Click the local site or remote site that you want to export log data from.

  5. Click Configure External Logging.

  6. On the General tab, in the Update Frequency list box, select how often to send the log data to the file.

  7. In the Master Logging Server list box, select the management server to send the logs to.

    If you use SQL Server and connect multiple management servers to the database, specify only one server as the Master Logging Server.

  8. Check Enable Transmission of Logs to a Syslog Server.

  9. Provide the following information:

    • Syslog Server

      Need to provide CCE IP server that you want to receive the log data to.

    • Destination Port

      Select the protocol “UDP” to use, and the destination port “514” that the Syslog server uses to listen for Syslog messages.

    • Log Facility

      Type the number of the log facility that you want to the Syslog configuration file to use, or use the default. Valid values range from 0 to 23.

  10. On the Log Filter tab, check which logs to export.

  11. Click OK.


  1. Login to the CCE SSH Console as seceon user and run the command as below:

sudo tcpdump -i any port 514 and host SymantecIP -v

Look at the log samples being received to ensure that security logs coming

2. Login to the Seceon UI and check the system tab for the symantec tagged entry and threat hunting fr the the events.